Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ferroelectric mixed media mayhem?

This is what I started with : a diagram of how ferroelectricity works that I didn't really try to understand. Base image courtesy University of Cambridge DoITPoMS Mathur, Shawl et al

Then I made this on Gimp: 

Then I printed out the Gimp work and made this:

Which should have been fine, except I'd just been reading a piece on handwritten mixed media art journals. So I cut the fucker up: 
Don't feel too badly for it though. As the blue note on the front says: "Talking is just masturbation without the mess." So are most (read: all) of my artistic endeavors. 


Which makes blogging them pornographic?

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Princess Ilse

Today's art project, at the suggestion of Stew: a double sided scroll telling a tale in collage.

The scroll is based on a German tale about the Princess Ilse, who, through her own pride,becomes lost and separated from her family and friends and wanders through the woods, falling prey to witches and devils before escaping to discover the value of hard work and the beauties of nature.

The full story can be read here at the International Children's Digital Library. 

The scroll is a duct-tape base, layered over with printed excerpts from the story book, various mountainous naturey clippings, parchment paper, marker, watercolor and acrylic -- and a WHOLE lot of mod podge. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016